Monday, January 2, 2012

Reflections and Resolutions

Growing up my family had dinner together at the table every week night. We'd gather around and then have a POW-WOW. A POW-WOW is where everyone tells their low points (pows) and high points (wows) of the day. It was pretty fun. I mean it was different than just the usual way of talking about your day. 

So I thought I might have a POW-WOW for 2011. We'll start with the pows...
  1. A year ago yesterday Uncle Perrin had his first massive stroke and then died in early November 
  2. The end of April this year mad 100+ straight line winds tore past our apartment and through my parent's neighborhood. Later that day three tornadoes ran through the state.
  3. Our little parakeet Buddy "Boo Boo" died in October 
And some wows...
  1. I got married!
  2. My husband and I were lucky to get to honeymoon in Maui
  3. I am much further along on my degree
  4. I have a job that pays well and that I love
  5. We got baby Beaker 
Is this POW-WOW list comprehensive? Not at all. But those are the ones that come to mind.

So now some resolutions. I am not going to resolve to loose weight or get in shape because I never stick to those resolutions. Instead I resolve three things that I hope will be easy...
  1. Finish at least 2 rough drafts of my novel by 2013
  2. Cook more
  3. And treat myself better (ie, doing more things I like to do but am always "too tired", eating better or at least making healthy choices, and making an effort to keep the apartment more organized) 
Also, incase you are wondering I do have some (hopefully) helpful posts planned out for soon. One that you can look forward to is how to map your novel. I even drew a picture :-) It's going to be awesome. So, loyal readers, keep coming back this year! Your comments make me happy!

Here's wishing you a fantastic 2012!

Picture by Arden Photography 

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