Tuesday, December 18, 2012

She's ALIVE!

See, I'm not dead. I'm very not dead.

Thesis stuff is just taking over my life and sorry, but the poor little blog falls between the cracks. I'm not the only one though. A bunch of my blog buddies (or at least 2...) have done the same thing and are revamping them.

I'm thinking that I'll try and blog more next year. I mean, hopefully things will shift and my time will be a bit more free...

Well, if you are following my plight, I'll give you an update on how the thesis is going.

Pretty damn well. I'm re-writing a lot of it from scratch, but I'm totally okay with that. I wrote the first 5 chapters or so in college and I think that they were very good for where I was at that time in my growth as a writer. But, I've come so far that they weren't doing my thesis justice.

You might think that I would be bitter at having to do all that hard work again. Well, I'm not. Seriously. I've fallen back in love with my characters. My thesis advisor is amazing and is giving me such great feedback - I write scenes now and think to myself, "Okay, I'm getting the action plot down right now. I'll need to go back and add the emotional plot later." Or "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You are not showing, you're telling... don't need that right now."

So, I think each time I go back and rewrite scenes and add them, I'm not throwing away all that old work. It's saved in a nice little folder on my computer (and jump drive) and it's just the younger version version of this WIP. It's like a little kid that's eaten their veggies and is all grown-up into a teenager. It's still a little rough around the edges, but we're growing together and it's fun. I like seeing the novel that my idea is turning into, and I want it to be the best thing I can produce.

Anyway, that's my update and my little soapbox speech about how practice really makes you better...as do super awesome thesis advisors.