Friday, October 14, 2011

What to Read Next

Picture this...

You finish a book. It's amazing. It is ground breaking (at least to you) and literature will never be the same again after it. You yearn for another book that will have the same effect on you, but when you finally get to the bookstore nothing is appealing. You stare at the best sellers displayed on the top shelf and just think, "Really? People think this crap is good?" It's like when the movie theater is only showing lame sequels to movies that weren't good enough the first time around. Why would you want to see those characters again? 

Well, fear no more! Did you know that there are webpages designed just to prevent these kinds of disappointments (the book thing. I fear there is no hope for "popular" theater...) 

This webpage is pretty awesome. Type in the title and authors name and poof! Instant recommendations! Also, the layout of the webpage is pretty fun looking.

I just thought I'd spread the good news...

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  1. I've used this guy before! Very cool little tool.