Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reasons Why the End of October Will Rock...

Well there's the obvious reason why the end of October rocks.


But this year, there are two new reasons. Awesome reasons. Don't believe me? Just watch the clips below...

Yes, two... count 'em (ONE TWO) shows this fall based on Fairy Tales. How awesome is that?

The word you are looking for is extremely. It is extremely awesome.

Once Upon a Time comes to us from the writers of Lost. Which while a highly addictive show, had some major plot holes. Here's hoping that won't be a problem for our fairy tale inspired TV drama. I don't know as much about Grimm other than the fact that it looks like it combines two of my favorite things (yes, I have a lot of favorite things) crime solving shows and fairy tales.

Color me excited. That color is somewhere between neon green and sparkly purple.

Any thoughts? We take comments from any and every reader. :-)

Here are the links to the shows network webpages (lots of goodies included): One Upon a Time and Grimm


  1. So excited too! Already have them both set on my DVR! :)

  2. I CANNOT WAIT for that first show. I didn't know about Grimm, though. So excited!